Framing Pressed Leaves and Flowers

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framing pressed leaves

Recently after pressing some flowers, I was left wondering what the hell I could do with them. Can anyone else relate? I mean they look so pretty but what do you actually do with them afterwards? Determined not to throw them away, I decided to try framing them instead and I’ve been loving the results! A mini rotating gallery of sorts—as soon as the current ones turn brown or start to look old, I switch them out with something fresh and new. Follow along below for the easiest of DIYs for framing pressed leaves and flowers.

framing pressed leaves supplies

All you need is a glass float frame. I like these frames from Target because they are two pieces of actual glass sandwiched together. I’ve purchased other ones where the back is instead plastic or has a plastic hanger permanently attached to the back which doesn’t let you see through. You can tell I really love these, I also used them to frame one of my favorite patches.

After you’ve pressed your leaves or flowers, it’s as simple as placing them just like you would any photo you’re framing.

framing pressed leaves

I also like that these have a really minimal stand that allows them to sit on the table top.

framing pressed leaves

I love that these little pieces bring a natural element indoors. The only important thing to note is if you keep these near a window or in sunlight the leaves or flowers will fade and change color. So if it’s a memento, remember to keep them out of sunlight!

framing pressed flowers

What do you guys think? It couldn’t be easier and you can switch them out with any new pressed leave or flowers you find.

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