Easy Living Room Refresh

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living room refresh

After being in my current place for a year and a half, the living room started to feel a little stale and in need of a refresh. While the majority of the decor I still like I can’t stop myself from constantly moving things around. A little change is good! So over the course of a weekend I gave it an inexpensive and easy living room refresh mixing pieces I already had plus a new rug.


living room refresh

You’ll see we have a relatively small footprint but the high ceilings definitely help the space feel larger than it is. The spiral staircase cuts into the room which definitely forced us to place the furniture strategically.

living room refresh

And because of the placement of the stairs we didn’t have an area for a formal table. To give us somewhere to eat, we currently have this table backed up to the couch. The current rug has always felt like a slightly awkward size for the space leaving the table and chairs on the bare floor.living room refresh

These yellow pillows are from a phase when I was clearly out of my mind since I have recently come to terms with the fact that I loathe yellow. I’ve been itching to get rid of these for a while now.


living room refresh

To better define the space I added this larger 9 x 12 jute rug from Amazon. I love the size of it and feels like we should have had the 9 x 12 the entire time.

living room refresh layered rugs

Trying the old black rug on top in a layered look. I’m not 100% sold but I’m living in it and it is really growing on me. I like that it makes the couch and coffee table feel like a separate area than the table behind it.

living room refresh

The white and black pattern pillows that used to live on my bed have now been switched out to be on the couch. They are my favorite pillows we have so it makes so much more sense to use them on the couch where you actually touch the decorative pillows.

living room refresh

I had this beautiful indigo fabric lying around so I easily upholstered these Ikea barstools to give them a fresh look.

I’m loving the simple changes and they’ve made me love my old pieces even more. What do you guys think? While it’s always fun to get new things, rearranging pieces or using materials you already have let’s you feel like your space is fresh and new while still saving your wallet. Do you have any similar work arounds you like?

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