Obsessions 09.15.17

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and then we tried obsessions 09.15.17

Turns out all of us had a very murder-y week. Read on to find out what we’re talking about and the rest of this week’s And Then We Tried Obsessions.


Site Unseen: An Emma Fielding Mystery

Site Unseen: An Emma Fielding Mystery

Image via: Hallmark

I went to add this to the obsessions post and saw that Hannah was already obsessed with Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, but whatever, this is time for honesty and I guess we’re just all obsessed with cheesy murder mysteries. HMM has a ton of series and I think Site Unseen is the first in the Emma Fielding series, but I LOVED it. It is centered around Professor Emma Fielding, an archeologist, and her students, and I just love the totally realistic depiction of an archeological dig site. Runner up for fave: the Fixer Upper Mystery series starring pop-sensation Jewel.


Stroopwafels are essentially a cookie made with caramel sandwiched in between two thin waffles. You are supposed to set it on your hot coffee to have the caramel melt. I brought back a ton of these from Amsterdam and they all melted on the plane which caused the caramel to leak out and pool on the side of the package. I’m still devouring them though. They are dirt cheap in Amsterdam, but I’m looking at this bulk pack on Amazon for when I run out.



After searching online for a new makeup primer, I stumbled upon Beautypedia. It was created by Paula Begoun of Paula’s Choice Skincare and has A TON of reviews for skincare and makeup brands. While Michelle is usually my go-to skincare guru—did you check out her Korean beauty routine?—I can’t expect the girl to try all my products for me. What I love about Beautypedia is that they have community reviews (people like me) as well as expert reviews (people who actually know what they’re talking about). In the week or so I’ve been checking it out it’s confirmed a few products I already liked and persuaded me to try some new ones.

True Crime Podcasts

someone knows something logo

I’ve always been a fan of true crime tv. I mean, Making a Murderer, The Jinx, Snapped, they are all so good! And now I’ve combined that with my love of obsessive podcast listening while I work. In the last two weeks, I’ve made my way through two seasons of Someone Knows Something, about 10 episodes of My Favorite Murder and am now about half way through Up and Vanished. And now listing it out, I realized I also listened to a 12 part mini series on the Manson murders yesterday from You Must Remember This. Whew! That’s truly obsessed. If you’re just thinking of dipping your toe in, I’d start with Someone Knows Something. Season one follows a 45-year cold case of a 5-year-old little boy who vanished on a family fishing trip, never to be found again. Let me know if you have any other great true crime suggestions!


Bulgarian Feta

I decided to cook for the first time in forever this week, and made this mac and cheese that called for Bulgarian feta. I’M HOOKED. You guys, this stuff is salty as hell and I am INTO IT. Buy some. Put it on everything.

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

hallmark movies and mysteries

The Hallmark Channel is to love what Hallmark Movies and Mysteries is to murder: it’s cheesy and unrealistic and I am HERE FOR IT. Our cable package changed recently so we now get HMM (which Michelle initially introduced me to) and I feel like all I’ve been watching is Garage Sale Mysteries, Fixer Upper Mysteries, and Murder She Baked. Really looking forward to the new Gourmet Detective movie coming out next month.

Group Love


We recently had the opportunity to try Harry’s razors + shave gel and we are LOVING the shave gel. The scent is musky and not too sweet like most lady shave gels are, and it is very thick and doesn’t rinse off too easily with an accidental splash of water in the shower. We’re in love! The Harry’s shave gel is $6 and you can buy it here.


This has been another week of And Then We Tried Obsessions, where we share whatever we’re obsessed with each week. Let us know what you’re obsessed with this week in the comments and if you see anything in the wild that you think we’d be obsessed with, be sure to tag us @andthenwetried or use #ATWTobsessions

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