The Ultimate Fall Movie List

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Movies have a way of setting the tone and I always like to kick off the fall season with movies that get me ready for chilly mornings, changing leaves, and sweaters. Over the years I’ve compiled quite the list of movies that feel particularly like fall. Here’s what’s on my fall movie list.


September movies are of the back-to-school, football, and generally not-spooky-but-still-autumnal variety.

1. When Harry Met Sally

Although the ultimate scene of the movie takes place on New Year’s Eve, the rest of this movie is just an advertisement for fall in New York.

2. Mystic Pizza

Arguably Julia Roberts’ worst movie, but one of fall’s best. It’s got small town New England vibes all over the place.

3. You’ve Got Mail

Another fall in New York promotional spot and an obvious contender for the fall movie list. “Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.”

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4. Dan in Real Life

Fall in New England, what more do you want? This soundtrack is also great fall music.

5. Stepmom

Even the poster for this movie looks like fall. However, it can be pushed to November due to the (heartbreaking) Christmas scene.

6. Remember the Titans

Football! Baby Ryan Gosling! One of the best soundtracks ever! Throw in some changing leaves and gentle tragedy and you’ve got yourself a winner.

7. Juno

The whole color palette of this movie is just right for fall. Everything is gold and maroon.

8. Good Will Hunting

Boston, chalkboards, people living up to their potential: this movie is for back-to-school season.


9. Pride and Prejudice

Appropriate at all times of the year, but something about all the walking through fields they do in this movie really makes it perfect for fall.

10. Dead Poets Society

Fall at a Vermont prep school is the perfect storm of fall movies.

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11. Mermaids

I’ve never seen this movie and apparently, there aren’t mermaids in it? Whatever, it takes place in New England in the fall, that’s good enough for me.

12. St. Elmo’s Fire

The coming-of-age vibes and Halloween scene make this a no brainer.

13. Little Women

Arguably more of a Christmas movie, I like to watch this one in the fall. Can be pushed to November, though.


This is where things get spooky! I don’t like scary movies but can handle anything a little gothic, witchy, or supernatural.

1. Hocus Pocus

Watch on October 1. Repeat as many times as you can before Halloween. Pay your respects.

2. The Witches of Eastwick

Another new addition to the fall movie list. I’ve never seen it but, as the title promises, there are witches. I’ll give it a shot.


3. The Craft

A little more scary than spooky, this movie makes me glad I’m not a teenager anymore. Witchcraft, though!

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4. Practical Magic

This movie makes me want to grow herbs to use in potions. Also to learn how to do that roof jump umbrella thing. Women are magical and don’t you forget it.

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5. The Crucible

Confession time: I’ve never read The Crucible. But as a depiction of one of the OG witch stories in American culture, you can bet I’m watching the movie adaptation this fall.

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6. The Village

Considering this is directed by M. Night Shyamalan, I can’t promise I’ll actually watch this one. It sounds scary as hell, but it takes place in an isolated Pennsylvania village in 1897, which just screams Halloween to me.

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7. Sleepy Hollow

TBH this movie is kinda boring, but it’s very atmospheric. Perfect to have on in the background while carving pumpkins or crafting your Halloween costume.

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8. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

I read the book but haven’t seen the movie. Magical creatures, general misfortune, and time travel seem about right for the season though.


9. Beautiful Creatures

I caught part of this movie on TV once but have never seen it all the way through. Although it’s set in the south and not New England as I typically prefer, the witchiness makes it a good October pick.

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10. Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

This Mary Kate and Ashley classic is a throwback to simpler times while still being perfect for Halloween. If you’re telling me that the great aunt trapped in a mirror didn’t scare you shitless when you were a kid, then you’re lying to yourself.

11. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

If you don’t have this classic on DVD as part of a Charlie Brown box set (just me?) you can bet that it will air on network TV at least once during the month of October.

12. Penelope

This is a new addition to the fall movie list and although I’ve never seen it, the general magic spell and Halloween ending have earned it a spot on the October list.


Not a movie, but “And Then There Was Shawn,” the terrifying episode of Boy Meets World, is required October viewing. Shout out to friend-of-the-blog Liz for getting a jump on this one early.

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Appropriate at All Times

Harry Potter

Any and all will do. Watch when you can. Bonus points for enjoying with butter beer.

Alright, that’s the fall movie list! I’ve got quite a few new additions this year that I’m excited to try out. Anyone else have any must-watch movies this time of year? Let me know!

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