Easy DIY Pennants

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and then we tried easy diy pennant

After stumbling on these adorable mini pennants from Three Potato Four, I was stoked about the possibility to give my plants a boost of personality. But as with all our other DIY projects—wood bead candle holder, Michelle’s reclaimed pallet cow, etc—I knew I could easily make these myself. Follow along for this super simple DIY that anyone—even kids—can do in less than an hour. Call that an accomplished afternoon.

easy diy pennant supplies


diy pennant how to

easy diy pennant how to

Step 1

Trace and cutout the pennant pattern from your stiffened felt. You can download our pattern here.

easy diy pennant how to

Step 2

Trace and cut out the contrasting edge from your soft felt.

easy diy pennant how to

Step 3

Wrap the contrasting felt evenly around the edge and glue in place. For the back, make sure to glue only along the edge to leave a “pocket” for the skewer.

easy diy pennant

Step 4

Once glued, trim your contrasting felt to match the edges of the pennant.

diy pennant how to

Step 5

Add your letters! With one pack of letters, see how many phrases you can come up with.

easy diy pennant back

Step 6

Slide the kabob skewer into the pocket you’ve glued.

easy diy pennant finished

What do you guys think? This was such a simple and cheap DIY to occupy a rainy afternoon. Plus I honestly love the pennant that lives in my house plant. I could also see making these in different team’s colors for a fun Super Bowl party or rowdy game night.

Make one of these yourself and let us know how it goes!

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