Top Ten Tall Table Lamps

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primavera tall table lamps

What a tongue twister of a title, right? While I was snapping pics of those amazing Piece by Paz candles last week, I decided that I hate my current end table lamp so now I’m on the hunt for a replacement! It needs to be pretty tall to fit proportionately with the ceiling height, so here are my favorite tall table lamps that are in the running for my living room.

My current lamp is a vintage yellow ginger jar that is approximately 20″ tall, then I have a 10–12″ shade on top. The combined height and general size of the lamp base work really well in the room. So, with that in mind, here were the requirements for my hunt for tall table lamps:

  • At least a 20″ base
  • Not wood: it’s tough to match the finish of my wooden end table and I’m not prepared to replace the table as well as the lamp.
  • Cat proof: George likes to knock things off of the end table and I don’t want to take any chances!

With those requirements, I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to find a replacement. But I’m nothing if not a determined online shopper, so here are the tall table lamps I found:

tall table lamps for a living room end table

  1. Geo Milk Glass And Gold Zoey Table Lamp Base | $54.99 | 20″ tall
  2. Acrylic Pillar Nina Table Lamp Base | $69.99 | 19″ tall
  3. Threshold Faceted Lamp Base, Large | $36.09 | 20.5″ tall
  4. west elm + Rejuvenation Colored Glass Table Lamp – Celestial Blue | $239 | 19.5″ tall
  5. Primavera White Table Lamp | $71 | 17.5″ tall
  6. Classic Hayworth Table Lamp | $79.20 | 19.5″ tall
  7. Safavieh Pamela Triple Gourd Ceramic Table Lamp White | $104.49 | 28″ tall (with shade)
  8. Roar + Rabbit™ Crackle Glaze Ceramic Table Lamp – Large | $179 | 16″ tall
  9. west elm + Rejuvenation Colored Glass Table Lamp – White | $239 | $19.5″ tall
  10. Clear Disc Table Lamp – Large (Antique Brass/White Linen) | $199 | 17″ tall

I think I’ll grab the cheap Target and World Market options (1,2,3) and try them out in my living room first, but I am LOVING the West Elm Colored Glass (4,9) and that tiny gold stripe on the Roar + Rabbit option (8)? Swoon.

What do you think? Let me know your favorite of these lamps in the comments. Or, if you have any other options for tall table lamps, send them my way!


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