Rebuilders Xchange Cleveland: the Architectural Salvage Warehouse of our Dreams

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Rebuilders Exchange Cleveland Architectural Salvage pendant lights

Last week, Hannah and I took a tour of Rebuilders Xchange, a new architectural salvage warehouse in Cleveland, and IT WAS AWESOME.

We met up with Brooklyn, one of the two lady owners of Rebuilders Xchange, and took a tour through their 70,000 square foot warehouse. This place was packed full of architectural salvage, furniture, building materials, hardware, lighting, and pretty much everything you’d need to work on an old house.

Owners Jessica and Brooklyn have relationships with builders in the area so they are able to access materials that would otherwise head to a landfill. From old schools to century homes, they source their inventory from projects all over Cleveland.

Rebuilders Exchange Cleveland Architectural Salvage Warehouse

Previous to RBX opening, the best bet Clevelanders had for any sort of architectural salvage was to head to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. The ReStore can be a great resource, but they take in inventory based on donations and are not-for-profit. This leads to kind of a grab bag when it comes to what they have available. RBX’s commitment to sourcing their materials seems like it will lead to a more consistent and reliable selection of items.

For example, RBX has a more curated collection of items and we were thrilled to see they have sets of lights, so you can buy several matching pendants. Most of the times we go through the ReStore, they seem to have one-off lights and very few sets.

Rebuilders Exchange Cleveland Architectural Salvage pendant globe lights

Rebuilders Xchange has aisles full of antique doors and windows which would be perfect if you need to replace a door in your house and want to match the original style. We also have a few DIY ideas for these beauties, so stay tuned!

Rebuilders Exchange Cleveland Architectural Salvage vintage doors and windows

One of their largest collections at the moment is a full church worth of pews. Hannah and Zac already have a church pew that they are planning on using as a dining bench on their back porch but seeing all of these had us coming up with ideas for how to incorporate 100 pews into our houses.

Rebuilders Exchange Cleveland Architectural Salvage church pews

I was practically drooling all over these juicy reclaimed barn wood planks and already have a million ideas for them. These would be perfect for pipe shelves or joined together as a coffee table.

Rebuilders Exchange Cleveland Architectural Salvage reclaimed barn wood

And finally, this vintage locker FULL of door knobs. I’m on the hunt for some antique eight-point crystal door knobs and I can tell Rebuilders Xchange is going to be the place to find them.

Rebuilders Exchange Cleveland Architectural Salvage lockers and vintage doorknobs

If you’re in the Cleveland area and value craftsmanship and original materials, you NEED to get yourself to Rebuilders Xchange. Their commitment to keeping these original pieces out of landfills and getting them into homes is amazing. They also work on consignment and would be willing to work with you the next time you stumble upon 80 vintage doorknobs.


Rebuilders Xchange Cleveland is located at

5401 Hamilton Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44114

and they are open to the public:

Wednesday: 10 AM – 6 PM
Thursday – Saturday: 9 AM – 3 PM

RBX is run by Jessica Davis and Brooklyn DiFranco and the girl power here is strong. We are looking forward to spending a million hours in this warehouse and are already cooking up some fun collaborations for the future. You can learn more about RBX on their website or their Facebook page.

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