Obsessions 08.04.17

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And Then We Tried Obsessions 8.4.17

This week we’re sharing our summer reading list, new favorite tv show, and some shoes we aren’t sure we’re ready to rock. See what we’re loving in this week’s And Then We Tried obsessions.


The Bold Type

Currently obsessed with The Bold Type

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I sped through all five episodes of the new show The Bold Type this week and am LOVING it. It is really feeding into my childhood fantasy of working in a fashion magazine. That closet full of free shoes and clothes? Swoon.



New everyday sneakers

pink sneaker round up

1 | Adidas Tubular Sneakers    2 | Asos Darby Sneakers    3 | Reebok Classic Workout Clean Sneakers


Since I’ll be traveling a bit in the fall it is a great excuse to pick up some new gear. This week I’ve been deep into researching some cute new sneakers to wear. What do you guys think of the pink/nude sneaker trend? Can I even pull these off?

Next up is finding a cute leather backpack. Any suggestions of favorite backpacks?



Vacation Reading List

I’m heading out on family vacation and my main activity every year is reading as many books as possible. Here’s what I’ve got loaded onto my Kindle for the next week:

It’s definitely a good mix. Some I’ve read before, some I haven’t. Some beach reads, some thrillers, some memoirs. I won’t make it through them all, but it’s good to have options!

This has been another week of And Then We Tried Obsessions, where we share whatever we’re obsessed with each week. Let us know what you’re obsessed with this week in the comments and if you see anything in the wild that you think we’d be obsessed with, be sure to tag us @andthenwetried or use #ATWTobsessions

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