Carry On Toiletries for Thailand (or any hotter than hell destination)

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As you know, I’ve set up a packing challenge for my trip to Thailand, this includes fitting all of my toiletries into TSA-friendly containers and bringing the right toiletries to survive the flight + heat + bugs + general filth.

I have had major problems with bug bites in the past, so I’m definitely overpacking in the insect repellent category, but I’d rather be a deet-covered slimeball than a blood bag for all of the mosquitos in Thailand.

I don’t always follow the quart size limit, but I like to stick to a quart-ish size bag for carry-on liquids. To save space I like to soak some cotton rounds in a few toiletry items I use regularly like eye makeup remover and face toner. I’m also thinking of adding a face wipe or something else in wipe form to add to my purse. Wipes don’t count against your TSA total, so that’s a flexible option.

My silver hair is going to fade out with the sun, but I’ll be packing some purple shampoo to attempt to keep it fresh. I have a full rotation of purple and blue shampoos at home, but I’ll be bringing the Sally’s Generic version of Clairol Shimmer Lights on this trip. I decanted it into the squeezey Target travel tubes since they are the easiest to get every last drop out of. I’ll be decanting the giant bottle of sunscreen into a few of these too.

I’ve been testing the Mario Badescu spray this past week and I like the way it feels. It smells very heavily of roses, so with the silver hair and lingering rose scent, I’ll be everyone’s grandma soon.

Here’s what I’m planning on bringing:


1. Sawyer Insect Repellant for Clothing  2. Ben’s 30% Deet Wipes 3. Repel 30% Deet Stick 4. Ben’s 100% Deet Spray 5. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch SPF 45 6. No-Ad SPF 45 7. Basis Face Wash 8. Mario Badescu Facial Spray 9. Cotton Rounds (soaked in eye makeup remover and face toner10. Purell Hand Sanitizer 11. Q-tips Travel Pack (c/o Influenster + VoxBox) 12. Sally’s Generic Purple Shampoo 13. Zoey Van Jones Eyebrow Gel 14. Benefit They’re Real Mascara Mini 15. Travel Spray Bottle 16. Travel Tubes

I might add a lipstick/lip stain for some nights out. Any recommendations for something that can withstand 100+ degree heat?


  • Does it look like I’m leaving anything out?
  • Do you follow TSA guidelines exactly and fit all your toiletries into 1 quart size bag?

Currently Trying:

To color code my squeeze tubes

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