I Bought A House

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I bought a house! This seemed like the perfect time to get a blog up and running to document all the changes that are coming, so here you go.

Here’s how the house buying situation went down:

Hannah and I were renting a two bedroom apartment, and while we did have a living room and a dining room, truly a rarity in Lakewood, I was running out of space to work on all of my projects. I started looking for larger spaces to rent and found some amazing loft spaces. Most of these were on the east side of Cleveland and I was pretty sure no one would ever come visit me out there since all of my friends live on the west side. Next, I switched to looking for houses or duplexes to rent in Lakewood and there weren’t a ton of options so I looked to see how cheaply I could buy a house. Turns out, that was an option. I had a little bit of money saved up after splitting the apartment rent with Hannah for a couple years.

I got to work touring houses and went to any open house I could find. I got accidentally paired up with a great realtor and he helped set up a gazillion showings. I thought the realtors listed on the Zillow pages were the ones listing the house, but those are ads. 


I found a house listed for sale by owner on Zillow and was intrigued. It had three pictures, the front porch, a red + gold fireplace, and the back deck. Swipe through to see all three stunning shots:

  •   house-front
  • house-fireplace

  • house-deck

Not the best pictures, but the idea of having a deck was so amazing, I emailed Tom + his assistant Erin right away. I walked through the house with my mom, I liked having someone else with me on the tours to help remember details I forgot when comparing houses later. There were crystals EVERYWHERE. Lining the windows, in every corner, sitting on shelves, all over the place. To keep the spirits with me, I’m calling this house the Crystal Palace. The house was filthy and had gross floors, but the layout and space was great, so got ready to make an offer.

I’m too scarred to go into all the details, but the actual offer + sale process was a mess. Linda, the lady selling her house, was crazy and accepted two offers and did a ton of things that my realtor had never seen before. After my offer was finally accepted, she revealed that she had nowhere to go and I started to get worried that I’d have to evict her. Or accept her as my roommate. Thankfully it all worked out and she moved out.

So now, I’m ready to tear this house apart and make it my own!


  • Do those pictures sell you on the house?

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