Choosing a Kitchen Countertop Tray

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I have been searching for a small kitchen countertop tray to hold this gorgeous decanter for a few months now. Something modern and pretty that I wouldn’t mind having sit out on the countertop all the time. Since I only have a small space available, it was really hard to find a tray that was large enough to hold the decanter/bottle of wine/etc. yet small enough not to get in the way day-to-day.

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DIY Mid-Century Modern Dresser

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We’re taking a break from tracking the kitchen progress to jump up a few floors to my attic bedroom and the lack of progress up there. Some more kitchen progress should be coming your way soon.

I’ve basically ignored my bedroom since ripping out the carpet and painting everything last summer. In the last few weeks, I’ve realized this is pretty common for people tackling a whole home or apartment, see Ginny’s bedroom and this post from Daniel @ Manhattan NestI set up my DIY Chevron Headboard and my yard sale dresser and moved around some rugs from other rooms in the house and that was it. Until six months ago when I couldn’t stop buying dressers and chairs from Craigslist and I snatched these two kinda hideous 1970’s dressers for $40 to transform into a DIY mid-century modern dresser.Keep Reading

The Fence Saga Part 3: Installation

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Sorry for the delay on part 3, I was processing the election information and needed to crawl into a hole for a while. I’m back now, and after making some donations to the ACLU I’m ready to share more about my fence.

While Katie, Nathan, and my mom were staining panels, my dad and I got to work measuring for the post holes. We used two of the old panels and added three new panels to the mix. The old panels had been trimmed to fit the previous fence and were not quite 8 feet long so we had to set the posts to fit a variety of panel lengths. We strung a line between my neighbor’s back fence and a telephone pole that was exactly on the property line and then removed all of the old panels.Keep Reading